Luxor Day Tour

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About Luxor
Luxor is a city located in Upper Egypt, it was a small Village ,was the Capital of upper Egypt after starting the Islamic Era, then it was controlled by Esna City then a city under Qena Governorate.
Luxor is on the east bank of the Nile River, The renowned Greeks called it the city of a hundred gates because of its buildings and large gates. The city grew over the years, and the Arabs, impressed by its beautiful palaces and huge edifices, re-named it 'Luxor': City of Palaces. It is also commonly known as the world's largest open air museum.
The city of Luxor was formerly the location of the 4600 year old city Thebes (that is the name in Greek though in Egypt it was called Weset).Luxor is built on and around the ancient site of Thebes ,Thebes was the capital city of Egypt during two of its flourishing periods, the Middle and the New Kingdom. As it was becoming a cultural and religious centre, the city became the place of monumental buildings.

Now it is one of Egypt's great tourist attractions.


Day tour At Luxor


There is many of monument you can visit in Luxor , so here you can find every monument site you want to visit and also there is optional tour you can do it in Luxor .
East Bank


Luxor East Bank TOUR
The Temple of Luxor, is among the most beautiful Temples in Egypt. Its close to the Nile and parallel with the riverbank. Your guide will be happy with you to explain the temple and he go with you to visit Karnak temples. at Karnak temples you will visit more than two temples 

West Bank


Tour 1
This tour included 3 sites ( Valley of the kings, Hatshepsut temple and colossi of Memnon ) this tour will start after we collect you from your accommodation 
Valley of the kings is the burial place of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, 18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties and it has the famous tomb of Tutankhamen (optional entrance fee 100 L.E ). 
The mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut is one of the most dramatically situated in the world. 
colossi of Memnon On the West Bank of Luxor, just off the road which leads from the cultivation to the desert, sit the so-called Colossi of Memnon. 
Tour 2
Ramesseum, Valley of the Queens, and the Tombs of the Nobles
On this tour you will visit valley of the Queens and your guide will explain The most famous tomb in the Valley of the Queens is that of Nefertari, the most important wife of Ramesses II and you are going to see and tomb of the nobles in Nobles valley finish the tour by the memorial temple of The Ramesseum 
Tour 3
Medinet Habu, Deir el Medina
Medinet Habu is the Arabic name for the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III, a huge complex second only to Karnak in size and better preserved.
The worker's village at Deir el Medina is one of the most thoroughly documented communities in the ancient world.


Optional tour in Luxor


Karnak Light & Sound show
this trip starts at every evening ,we will pick you up from your accommodation by a/c van to Karnak temples to see the temple at evening &listen to the story of the temples and the historic of the temples then back to your accommodation. 
Price per person : 50 $
Hot balloon 
Pick up from your accommodation at morning ,you will cross the nile by motor boat you will drive by AC van to take the Balloon flight ,you will spend 45 min to see sunrise Luxor west bank monuments ,then drive back to your accommodation 
Price per person : 70 $

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