Cairo Day Tour

Cairo day tour is simply the most astonishing experience that comes at the most attractive of choices and expense. Also Pyramids tour is worth every bit


About Cairo
Cairo is an ancient city, Cairo is home to some of the world's most famous sights,Cairo is a relatively modern capital, founded in AD 969 by the Islamic Fatimid dynasty over the ruins of earlier Roman and Islamic settlements.For more than 1,000 years of Cairo history, the city has consistently held a position of pre-eminence in the Arab world, but its political and economic influence within and beyond Egypt has varied.Cairo is a city in which the past and present are inextricably intertwined. Its history is long, colorful, and turbulent.
Despite the presence, Cairo is a chaotic mixture of sights, sounds and smells . a huge city with many millions of inhabitants living alongside the banks of the River Nile and close to the breathtaking Pyramids of Giza.In Cairo there is the Huge Pyramids , the Sphinx ,the Bent Pyramid & the important Museum in Cairo is The Egyptian Museum..


1 : Tour in Cairo. Tour for few hours
The Egyptian museum ,The Pyramids and The Sphinx at Giza
Assist & meet at Cairo airport transfer with A C car or van , you will start to visit the three Pyramids at Giza ( Cheops , Chephren & Mykerion ) next you will visit The Sphinx . then we will going to visit The Egyptian Museum about two hours you will spend inside to see about 5000 pieces of mummy & masks including an exhibit of king Tutankhamen. 
Our tour will completed by visiting Khan El-Khalili the oldest market in Egypt. Then transfer back to the (airport your Hotel).


2 : Tour in Cairo. 
The Egyptian museum, Citadel and Khan El-Khalili 
In this tour you will visit Egyptian Museum about two hours you will spend inside to see about 5000 pieces of mummy & masks including an exhibit of king Tutankhamen. directly to visit the Fortress at Citadel including Mohamed ali Mosque , this tour will be finished by visiting The Oldest Market in Egypt Khan El-Khalili 


3 : Tour in Cairo .
One day Saqqara , Dahshur and Memphis
The site's best-known feature is the step pyramid, the world's oldest major stone structure. It was built in the 3rd Dynasty (around 2630 BC) for King Djoser and its construction was overseen by his vizier Imhotep.
On Dahshur you will visit The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid were constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Senefru of the Old Kingdom.
The Red Pyramid is the world's first true smooth-sided pyramid. 
You will visit Memphis the ancient capital of Egypt , The Name we use today derives from the Pyramid of Pepy I at Saqqara, which is Mennufer (the good place), or Coptic Menfe.Memphis is the Greek translation. But the City was originally Ineb-Hedj, meaning "The White Wall".
4: Tour in Cairo. 
Egyptian pyramids 
This programe only to visit the famous three sites of Egyptian Pyramids 
The guide will pick you up at early morning to go to Saqqara & visit the step pyramid which built for the king Zoser , then drive to Dahshur about 11 kilometers from Saqqara.
At Dahshur you will visit two famous pyramids the bent & the red pyramid 
Your tour will finish by visiting Giza pyramids to see the three famous pyramids in the world plus the sphinx.