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Aswan the third largest & important city in Egypt after Cairo & Alexandria.It was once the gate to Africa and an important ancient trade center.
considered it to be not only the end of the world, but also the sacred source of the Nile and granite from which they built most of their temples. For centuries, Aswan was the gateway to Africa and the lands of Nubian.
Aswan was chosen as the first capital of Upper Egypt, and the Ptolemies used it as a base to enter Nubian, Sudan and Central Africa, and it was they who built the beautiful Temple of Philae. Throughout history, from Pharaonic to Islamic, governments have been sending troops to Aswan in order to protect Egypt from any southern invasions.
In Aswan the Nile is at its most beauty flowing through amber desert &granite rocks, round emerald islands covered with palm groves & tropical plants . the market in Aswan full of scents & color of spices , perfumes , scarves & baskets.
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Day Tour in Aswan


The Aswan Dam ( OLD DAM ) & The High Dam
The Aswan Dam is the name of two, both located in Aswan The Old Dam (Aswan Dam ) which built in 1898 / 1902, The High Dam is One of the most important public works projects for Egypt, the world famous High Dam was an engineering miracle when it was built in the 1960s. The High Dam is One of the most important Egyptian source. 
Philae Temple (Temple of the Goddess Isis) 
The Ancient Egyptians built a beautiful and magnificent Temple on an island for the Goddess Isis, its one of the greatest Temples in Egypt and it occupies about a quarter of the island.
As you know the Temple on the Island so you will reach the temple by motor boat you will spend about half an hours for two ways on the motor boat 
Unfinished obelisk
The Unfinished Obelisk lies, in its original location, in a granite quarry in Aswan
is one of the most popular sites in ancient Aswan and provides immense insight into the stone working methods employed by the ancient Egyptians.
Day Tour 1
The High Dam , Philae Temple& unfinished obelisk
We will pick you up from your accommodation by a /c van ( car ), your guide will take you to explain, Aswan Dam (Old Dam),The High Dam & Philae Temple which is dedicated to the goddess Isis, you will finish your tour by visiting The Northern Quarries includes The Unfinished Obelisk then you will return to your accommodation.
Day Tour 2
The High Dam , Philae Temple & Abu Simbel
Your (accommodation) will prepare a breakfast box to take with you on your early morning departure to the magnificent temples of Ramsses II and Nefertari at Abu Simbel. when the Receptionist will get you up by wake up call when you return to Aswan you will continue your tour to visit The High Dam following by Philea Temple.
You will return to your hotel about 3:00pm.
The Temple of Kalabsha (or Temple of Mandulis) is the major structure in New Kalabsha. Its is the largest freestanding Nubian temple in Egypt and the closest temple to Aswan found along Lake Nasser in Aswan. it was about 51 k.m south of the High Dam on the Lake Nasser This temple along with the other four, the Kiosk of Qertassi, Chapel of Dedwen, Temple of Garf Hussein and Temple of Beit el Wali were originally located further south in five different areas now flooded by Lake Nasser. 
1* Beit el Wali: Is a rock-cut Ancient Egyptian temple in Nubian which was built by Pharaoh Ramesses II and dedicated to TREE gods
2* Garf Hussein: Is also one of the important temples on the island. At the time of the salvation campaign the Temple was not complete but was rather in the form of scattered blocks that were gathered and reinstalled.
3* Dedwen: Located at New Kalabsha since it was moved from the rising waters of Lake Nasser.
4* The Kiosk of Kertassi (Qertassi): is a beautiful little thing, it was part of a larger temple.
Day Tour 3
Kom Ombo & Temple Edfu Temple 
There is two temples lays north of Aswan both of them very important Edfu Temple lies about 110 k.m north of Aswan ,this Temple dedicated to the Falcon God Horus then you will continue your trip with your guide to visit Kom Ombo Temple which dedicated to two gods Horus The Falcon & Sobek The Crocodile then you will return to Aswan( or directly to Luxor)
Option tours in Aswan


Kitchener island 
This island you will get it by motor boat or Felucca ,the island is a beautiful garden The visitor to Kitchener’s Island today will find a peaceful paradise, full of shady trees, beautiful flowers and unusual plants among the paved walkways. The island is a haven for rare exotic birds of many kinds and their colorful plumage can be glimpsed in the branches of most of the trees.
Elephantine island
This island you will visit it also by motor boat or Felucca.
Elephantine Island is the largest island in the area. On the island you find many sights going back to Pharaonic times. Elephantine Island is one of the most ancient sites in Egypt, with artifacts dating to the pre-Dynastic Period 
Nubian Villages
Actually the tour to Nubian Village start at 3 :00 or 3 :30 that is because you will spend about an hour and half on motor (two way)on the motor you will see the natural mountains the beautiful trees ,we will stop at small sand duck & you will ride camel to reach Nubian Village (if you like to ride) then you will spend 2 hours on Nubian Village the guide will show you the baby crocodile on the houses and the longest biggest one on another house.
Nubian Villages you can have a taste of the tasty bread that they bake in their households. See the local handicraft that they make. Also what is interesting is their houses that are made of ceramics. The bright colors houses are more African in their style rather than being Egyptian. See the baby crocodiles that the Nubians let free in Lake Nasser when they grow.
There is due convoy to reach Abu Simbel one at the early morning your accommodation will make wake up call at 3 : 00 am if you like then you can have your drink (coffee or tea on the restaurant and your accommodation will prepare breakfast box then we will pick you up to go to Abu Simbel by a / c van ( car ) you will travel in police convoys departure from Aswan at 4 :00am you will be back in Aswan at 12: 30 pm 
This convoy every day leave at 11: 00am so your pick up time at 10: 15 am , you can catch this convoy if you don’t like to wake up early and if you like to stay more than one day in Aswan and if you are stay on Nile Cruise ,your boat will prepare lunch box you will be back in Aswan at 07: 00 pm 
The Plane to Abu Simbel spend about an hours and half for two ways and you will spend about 2 hours inside the temple.
This including fly ticket airport transportation from your accommodation to the airport and meet & assist at the AirPort ) 
Abu Simbel is the location of the most famous temple of Ramses II about 280 k.m south of Aswan the temple was saved from the rising waters of Lake Nasser .At Abu Simbel has due temples Ramssess II temple, Nefertari temple wife of Ramssess II the most important wife of Ramesses II . 
*you can get private or share tour ( the first convoy ) 
*there is only private tour ( the second convoy )