Alexandria Day Tour

The Egypt Holiday packages is one of the most refined options for a great holiday with intimate glimpses of the past and the architectural marvel of ancien


About Alexandria 
Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt In fact it is considered to be the second Capital of Egypt. Alexandria was built during the rule of the Greek emperor Alexander the Great who seek to immortalize his name through this city. The Greek architect Dinocrates built Alexandria on the site of the old village Rhakotis 331 BC.
Alexandria was intended to supersede Naucratis (q.v.) as a Greek centre in Egypt, and to be the link between Macedonia and the rich Nile Valley.
Alexandria soon recovered its former splendour, and for some time longer was esteemed the first city of the world after Rome. Alexandria gradually became an alien city
the city while pursuing Pompey, and Octavian (later Augustus) entered it (30 B.C.) after the suicide of Antony and Cleopatra. Alexandria formally became part of the Roman Empire in 30 B.C. It was the greatest of the Roman provincial capitals, It was (and remains today) the seat of a patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church.



You have to choice which site you want to visit or all


If you are in Cairo this tour will start at early morning you will drive to Alexandria by ac van or car after your breakfast you will spend about two hours to reach Alexandria (230 km). 
Also if you are in Alexandria your guide will pick you up to visit all of Alexandria monuments or you can choice your site in Alexandria which you want to visit it: 
The Catacombs:
located in the district of Karmouz to the east of Alexandria. The Catacombs in Alexandria are so called because the design was very similar to the Christian Catacombs in Rome.
The new Library:
It was one of the wonders of the ancient world. Founded by Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC, built and enlarged by Ptolemy I, Alexander's successor
The Roman theatre
The Roman Theatre was built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (169-177 AD), the large and steeply raked theatre could seat about 6,000 people. It was shaped with a half circle or orchestra space in front of the stage
Pompey Column:
Pompey Column is a 25-meter pillar of red granite monolith. It was erected by Publius, Prefect of Egypt in honor of Emperor Diocletian in 324 AC.
Montazah palace and gardens:
Montazah Palace and Gardens is one of the amazing summer place in Alexandria was built in 1892 and its about 25 km from Alexandria station a. It is situated on a rocky bluff overlooking the sea. You will spend most of your time in the Montazah Gardens enjoying the pine and palms and so with the flowers.Come and enjoy. Let's have a picnic! 
The Qaitbey Citadel 
The Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria is a fortress located on the edge of the Mediterranean sea and considered one of the most important defensive strongholds, not only in Egypt, but also along the Mediterranean Sea coast.


Alexandria Museums (optional)


National Museum &The Royal Jewelry Museum
This tour to visit two important museums in Alexandria you will start to visit The Royal Jewelry Museum, it is located in a palace in the Zizinia District in the city of Alexandria. This palace once belonged to Fatma El-Zahraa, who donated it to the Egyptian Government. 
The palace itself is worth visiting. The museum houses a priceless collection of fine jewels. then you will visit The National Museum located in one of the restored Palaces of Alexandria at Tareeq al-Horreyya, near the city center, in a restored palace that once belonged to Al-Saad BassiliPasha.sphinx.


Tour 1 
pick up from Cairo to Alexandria to visit The Catacombs , The new Library & The Qaitbey Citadel then back to Cairo 


Tour 2 
pick up from Cairo to Alexandria to visit The Catacombs , The new Library , The Qaitbey Citadel then & Montazah palace and gardens back to Cairo 


Tour 3 
Tour 1 or 2 + option tour